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Fuel your business’ success by hiring exceptional therapists for your home health team. By partnering with us, you can not only build a pool of qualified professionals but also reduce human resource costs. You never have to worry about employee retention or staffing limitation, we’ve got your back!

Physical Therapy Staffing
physiotherapist assisting adult woman exercising with yellow ribbon

Physical therapists (PTs) help seniors in many ways. They provide diagnosis and treatment for health conditions that limit the elderlies to complete their daily living activities. PTs can propose a treatment plan that aims to reduce physical pain, promote movement, and prevent disability. Let your operations run smoothly! Hire the best physical therapists for your agency today. We’ll help you find the right match that meets your qualifications.

Occupational Therapy Staffing
young women lying on exercise mats exercising their legs on balls assisting by a therapist

Occupational therapy is a holistic care approach that addresses multiple health and physical conditions. Well-trained occupational therapists can help individuals regain their necessary functional skills to perform daily tasks. As such, as a home health agency, you must select your occupational therapists carefully to deliver only the right services to your clients. HealthPro Rehab maintains a team of experienced and well-sought occupational therapists ready to address your clients’ needs.

Speech Therapy Staffing
young woman with a speech defect practicing with a speech therapist

When people have partially or totally lost their speaking or swallowing abilities, speech therapists can intervene and help them restore their skills. Speech therapists play a vital role in delivering home health services. They can help improve patients’ eating habits, which are essential in maintaining good health. Looking for professional speech therapists should not take you much effort. HealthPro Rehab’s speech therapists are available anytime to render their services for your clients.

Our staffing services extend to home health agencies in:

  • Los Angeles County
  • Orange County
  • Riverside County
  • San Bernardino County
  • San Diego County